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Bike Seat

For all types of cyclist from the ultracyclist to novice

Welcome to a new level of cycling comfort

IBS were invented by Dr. Vince Marcel – chiropractor, nutritionist, triathlete, certified bike fitter and lifelong cycling enthusiast

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Ideal choice for: Road, TT, MTBers, Cyclocross, Gravel, Ultra-cyclist and the Weekend Warrior. It has a “hammock” feel with the ability to sit in the pocket; with the ability to more around on the seat. Ideal for climbing and long distance. The dimensions are 10 1/4 in (260.35 mm) by 6 ½ in (165.1 mm). Weight: 265 grams.

Ideal choice for Ultra Cyclists, Road Cyclists, Triathletes, Tandems and Touring cyclists. Ideal for any type of pelvic inflammation either male or female. It relieves butt bone pain and protects your perineum/pubic bone area. The dimensions are 10 1/4 in (260.35 mm) by 6 ½ in (165.1 mm). Weight: 245 grams

Ideal choice for: Triathletes, Ultra Cyclists, Road Cyclists, Tandem Touring cyclists. The bifurcated horn of the seat creates a space for both male and female soft tissue areas while cycling in an aggressive position with a minimal TT padded short or just compression shorts. The dimensions are 10 1/4 in (260.35 mm) by 6 ½ in (165.1 mm). Weight: 265 grams

Different Rail for all models

Different Custom for EX1 Series

Full Cutout Design

The revolutionary Infinity Seat completely relieves sit-bone pressure, and protects your sensitive perineum/pubic-bone area as well.
Max leg angle is 150° for the Infinity Bike Seat.

Artisan Craftmanship

Each seat is individually created and hand-wrapped by our leather artisans. The Infinity Seat weights between 245 and 265 grams, and is made of genuine Italian leather with a neoprene closed-cell foam or Aerospace foam. Regular leather care maintenance is key for durability.

No Padded Shorts

Forget the thick padded bike short! The unique, patented design of the Infinity Seat provides optimum comfort with just a thin chamois. The padded short interferes with the design of the seat and comfort of the cyclist.

Ideal Choice For All Riding Styles

An ideal choice for the Road Cyclists, Triathletes, MTBer, Weekend Warrior, Tandems, Cyclocross, Ultra Cyclists, and Beach Cruisers

Made in California, USA

All our Seats are made here in Southern California. Dr. Vince hand selects the leather, picks up all the components and assembles them here at our office.


Create your own design! All seats are fully-customizable and are non-refundable. Our basic seats are Black with Chrome Rails.

Dr. Vince and Me

I knowed this seat during the RACE ACROSS AMERICA 2015. A big Ultracycler in the world completed thi race with this seat. In the following February, I met Dr. Vince in California in your shop before back in Italy. The meet was be SPECIAL. I started to use the Infinity Seat for fix my problems on my road bike in the following two weeks and then Gravel/Mountain bikes.
I followed many guys during the RAAM and other ultracycling event in this years and i fix theirs problems thanks to this saddle sometime.
I rode in Perù for 1600km for 6 days in Self Support and my ass not particular problems. Since then i am a first referall in Italy for him and Diane.

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